The concept of a Viking

Hi everyone!

This set will be between sets: knight, Spearman and Archer. Vikings will throw an axe, he will get stuck in the enemy and at his death he falls from it, the Viking can not take an axe when next to him are the enemy. His the cost of; sword:1 ingot , helmet:2 ingot, Shield:1 ingot and 2 chessboard, the axe:1 ingot and belt 1 thread. The total cost of 5 ingots, 2 boards and 1 thread. It will be stronger than a knight on a 5% - 10%, the rate as that of the working, the axe will deal damage in 2 times more than the Archer, the health between the knight and the spearman, and shield 1.5 times less than that of the knight. Cons: his shield can't handle sentinel ward. You could do it differently, I just gave an example)

I don't know English so well, so if there are any mistakes, sorry


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