Quarry Worker limit

I am wondering why the Quarry still has a limit of 4 workers. It sure made sense when Bricktrons colided to prevent a too big of a jam but now it would make sense to raise it to 8. Since otherwise large quarries are not really useable since only 4 Bricktrons can work in it and you would have 11 people who build.


  • Yes, just finished playing a session and the limit is 4. Ugh, I'm sure we'll be told we can modify that in the LUA somehow, but that shouldn't be the solution to gripes like this. Many RTS let players change game presets via custom game profiles and the like. My favorites being Empire Earth 1&2, with both of them warning the player upfront that the game experience may change if they screw around too much with presets.
  • I've saw some Youtubers raise the cap of some tasks by selecting an amount of Bricktrons that's over the task limit and assigning them to the task.Could that work?
  • Mhh interresting @HyppyBodi it actually increases it to 8. But in my opinion that should be the default by now
  • @HappyBodi

    Thanks for the tip man, much appreciated.
  • @CastleBuilder no problem
  • Same applies to the Tunnel Task forgot to mention that :D
  • its not really a problem it says 4 but automatically increases to 8 when you put 8 Bricktrons in them.
  • Yea but it is just a hassle that you have put Bricktrons in by yourself to increase it. By now it should be by default 8. Especially since the Quarry now actually works 2 times faster with double the bricktrons
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Matthew,

    I'll bring this up with the team. Now that the workers walk through each other, having more Bricktrons in a quarry might be less problematic.
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