What do you think about cannons in Castle Story. It can be something like catapult but it will be movable and you can change the angle from it will shoot. I think this will make the pvp battles much more interesting and complicated but because it's kind of over powered make the cost for it very big - something like 3 planks and 15 iron.

For ammo it can use barrels or bombs (lets say 10 bombs per shot) and some brimstone (2-5 per shot) to ignite the explosion so it will cost even more but it can store up to two barrels or 20 bombs and 60 brimstone so it won't be totally useless after the first shot.

Counter-play: If you damage it from left or right you will break one of the wheels so it wont be able to be moved or rotated anymore but it will still be able to shoot but only in one direction. Or if a bomber hits the cannon when it's ready to fire the ammo will explode and it will be possible to fire only one more time and after that one shot the cannon will be just a bunch of metal on the ground. But because this gives the cannon too big counter- play lets make it like this - you can repair it in the next 3 min with 3 iron so you can use it again.

For the damage something like the shield of a knight will be ok and will have small aoe damage so it can hurt the frontline a lot in a fight but if you use bombs as ammo it can shoot smaller projectiles but they will have bigger aoe area so it hurt so it can damage and the backline enemies but will deal much less dmg - 1/4 of the knight's shield hp. But if 1/4 of the knight's shield hp is too much damage for an archer you can lower it so he will have maybe around 20% of his hp if he get hitted.

But it's main goal will be to destroy the enemy wall easily and quickly if the game is long and the opponent has a massive wall. Lets suggest that with barrel the damage to a brick will be 90% of its hp and with bombs 20% and you will be able to rotate the ammo - you hit the wall with a barrel and after this you finish it with bombs and damage the units around it.

Keep in mind that if a brick is hitted already by a bomb it won't take damage for the next let's say 1.5 seconds because you can be just very luckily and hit the wall with more than 5 bombs and make the barrels completely useless.

For reloading the cannon let's give it 2 seconds or even 2.5 or 3 seconds so it won't fire very rapidly and end the battle very fast. And now the question about the rotating speed. Lets say it will take the cannon 9 seconds to rotate by 90 degrees or let's say 1 second per 10 degrees so it won't be hard to break it down.

And if this isn't enough for enjoyable gameplay with it you can add and a movable storage for barrels and bombs but it will cost something like 6 planks and 2 iron so the cannon can have more than 2 shots, but you won't be able to mix barrels and bombs so there will be two options - a smaller one for only one kind of ammo and a bigger one for every ammo. For storage capasity I think 4 or 8 barrels will be ok and for the bombs 80 bombs per storage will be nice. And the storage can also hold up to 2 wheels and 3 iron so you can give your cannon one more chance to live.

For producing the cannon you will need a forge so you can craft the gun and some cogs and a loom for a rope and a bricktron will combine it all on the workbench and it will take one stockpile to store one cannon.

Gameplay: For gameplay I image it like something that you have to protect very well with your army. If it was in the game I would protect it with maybe 2 or 3 knights - to protect the wheels. When I am sure the cannon is safe I will move it in front of the enemy's castle and shoot once with a barrel then reload with bombs and after this I am in the enemy's base. But I won't attack with it before I am sure I can repair it so I will send it to the battle when I have movable storage with barrels or/and bombs, one wheel and 3 iron. As a whole it will cost me at least 24 iron, 13 planks and 100 brimstone to build and prepare it for battle (Didn't include the life power and the equipment for bricktrons). Don't forget! It is made to be late game nightmare if it is used correctly. If not it will be just a very expensive brick in the middle of a fight.

I tried to balance the cannon as much as possible so it will be worthed to be build but not too OP. Keep in mind I am not a game balance manager or something like that (I don't know how those people are called).

And it will be very funny if a bricktron pulls the cannon and another bricktron - the storage.


  • well it would be a good idea but shatajon said himself that castle story is meant to be set in the time before gunpowder so it would not work in the timezone of the game
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    The reasoning behind not having cannons in the game is that historically, cannons are one of the main reasons castles stopped existing. :P
  • The siege of Vienna would like to have a word with you people, and so would many historical battles with knights in armor that involved arquebuses, bomblet cannons, siege cannons, hand held bombard cannons all the way up to the mid 1650s. Hell if you wanted to go for historical accuracy you'd have the halberdier/pikeman have higher range and attack points for that matter.

    Sorry I just get a little bit edgy when people talk about "historical accuracy" without putting in the effort necessary to do so.
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