Stuck Bricktrons & Lost Sentinel Wards

I was playing an Invasion game, and two of my Bricktrons got stuck. They had the little hourglass symbol next to them, and I couldn't move them or do anything with them. They had been assigned to a construction task with some deconstructing planned.

I decided to try saving and reloading.

Doing this seemed to have fixed their problem, since they were completely normal after. However, an entire row of placed Sentinel Wards was completely lost upon reloading the save. So now this Invasion attempt is pretty much gone, since I had invested so heavily in Sentinel Wards. Oh well. Time to start over.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Thanks, sending this to our QA.
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    Hey Taggedjc,

    do you have a save by any chance that you can send it to us?

    Sorry for the inconvenience

    Thanks for the report and support!
  • I have the save.

    Here's the thumbnail of the save - the Sentinel Wards along the edge there are the ones that disappear, and the two Bricktron workers that are standing next to the stockpile on the right are the ones that were stuck.

    Here is a zip file of the save directory.
  • DrWhoCaresDrWhoCares Member Backer
    edited August 2017
    You can upload the zip file directly to the forums.
    Which I recommend, as not many people want to go to a separate website to download a zip file.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey @taggedjc - thanks! I'll forward this to our QA again so they can take a look at your savefile. In the future, like @DrWhoCares - it's easier for you (and for us!) to just pop the attachment right here, on the forums. :)
  • Ah, I didn't know it would let me upload a zip file, since many forums don't allow zip files to be attached.

    I have attached it here too in case that's easier :)

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