Mobile Storage/Ladder/ Bitron Climbing

Mobile Storage
The first idea I think is needed is a mobile stockpile. This would allow Bricktrons to carry large amounts of supplies (either 1 stockpile or 1/2 of one) a long distance. This could be useful if you want to move supplies from one stockpile to another. Another use could be to carry supplies from a far away quarry. I imagine it would work like an explosive barrel; you would build it in Build Mode than assign it to a Bricktron like a catapult. From there you can make the little guy move it to wherever you want.

Ladder/ Bitron Climbing
I know that right now programming vertical AI is tricky, but this is more of a "what if" kinda thing than an actual suggestion. But the way I see ladders working in the game is 1st, you probably couldn't carry any supplies like wood or stone bricks up it (except bags of materials and 1 other item, more on that soon). It would be crafted from some kind of crafting like a ward instead of in Build Mode. This is so you can store ladders in stockpiles and so that Bricktrons could carry ladders (the only thing they can carry while traversing ladders) up ladders to construct more ladders. This would also help in multiplayer if you want to build siege ladders up other players' walls. Also arches block ladders, and if your invading another player's castle, you would need to deconstruct it while on the ladder.
And if ladders and vertical AI is added to the game, it would also be neat if the small Corruptrons could climb. That way they aren't entirely weak and pathetic. I imagine if there's an arch in their way they would break it down.
In my opinion the coolest part about ladders and Bitron climbing is that it'll encourage you to build your walls higher. Because currently you really only have to build your walls 2 blocks high according to what I know.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Just wanted to drop in here and thank you for the adorable art, haha.

    I'll forward the suggestions to our designers, as usual :)
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    Beautiful and good suggestions! :smiley:
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