[Multiplayer] [Conquest] Iron Deposits with Iron Only Collection Tasks on them will not mine all

When placing an Iron Mining task on an above ground Iron Deposit, the last 1 - 2 blocks to mine will be left unmined and no one will assign themselves to the task, as they believe it is complete. The task does not say "No Goals" and manually assigning a Bricktron causes them to walk to the task and display "Nothing to Do".

A task should finish all of it's subtasks if possible.

Setup a new task using the + button. Place an iron mining task on a iron deposit. Expand it to just fit all of the resources. A good map for this is Kairos, there are two deposits that caused this for me.

This does not seem to happen all of the time, but it seems to happen very often. There is never any blockage to the remaining iron, as selecting any bricktron and telling them to manually mine it works without any hiccups at all.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Thank you, sent to our QA. :)
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    Hey there,

    It is on the client side or the host side?

    Thanks for the report and support!
  • This happens on both sides. In fact, I had it happen recently during a Sandbox game (also on Kairos), on both my side's (Spawn Crystal 1) iron deposit (it left two chunks), and my client's brimstone (Spawn Crystal 2).

    As far as I know, this happens very often, but seemingly only once or twice a game. Some deposits will get cleaned up without any issue, others will have the bug, and need manual clearing.

    Once I believe they eventually cleared it after about 3 hours or more of playing. There may have been a save reloaded, I can't be sure, as that was back in 0.9.1.
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