twitch ban

shatojon i want you to check back the chat of the stream in the start of it and tell me if im the one that was offensive gamerkid said my name was cancerous my maturity was cancerous all i said was him to stop say offensive things and you ban ME?!? WHY


  • KiledoKiledo Member
    or any chat modo that can
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hi Kiledo,

    The Friday streams are a moment for us to connect with our players, discuss the things we're working on and generally having a good time with our fans.

    We have absolutely zero tolerance for nonsense during that stream because we don't want to waste our time moderating the chat, but rather actually streaming and hanging out with the viewers.

    I'm lifting the ban for now, but now you know that we're not willing to negotiate on this. If you can't be nice, you can't participate in the chat, it's that simple.

    Thank you.
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