Multiplayer not working help me pls

I don't know how to foward my port cant you help me i am stuck thx.


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    Hey Balcanny, here's some guidelines on how to forward your ports;

    Quick tips on how to forward ports
    1- Know that if you have a weird setup (you're in a school, library, university, office or any setup where you have something other than a modem + router to feed your internet) this may not work and you'll need to contact whoever has setup your internet connection for help with this.
    2- Find out your "Default Gateway". On windows, you just open the app called Command Prompt and in the black window that pops up, you type ipconfig - it will give you your Default Gateway. It should look something like or something similar to that. From that page, also check what your IPv4 Address is, you're going to need it later.
    3- Take your default gateway and type it in a web browser like Google Chrome, or Firefox. This should bring you to your router's page with a username/password box.
    4- If you know your user/pass, type it in. If you don't, ask whoever has setup your internet. If no one seems to know, you can also try the default user/pass for your router. Look on the bottom of your router for a sticker and find the "Model Number", then search on Google default password and you should find it.
    5- Once logged in to the router, try finding a page called "Forward" or "Forwarding" or "Port Forward". Go there, then create a new entry/rule. In the "IP" or "Address" box, add your IPv4 address from step 2. In port, type 3000. If it asks for UDP or TCP, choose both. Then save settings.

    Now you should have forwarded port 3000 on your computer. You can now hopefully host a game and give your friend your public IP address to connect to. You can find your public IP by typing "my ip" on Google.

    There's also this very useful website that can help you with this:
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