Multiplayer and Blueprints

Good afternoon,
I bought the game new and unfortunately two things disturb the fun of the game:

-Multiplayer -> the online world can't be saved. That means, if you sat for many hours at an elaborate base and one is not in the mood anymore or can't do it anymore, the world is lost. It would be nice if firstly players (at least those from the beginning) can join the game and secondly worlds can be saved and reopened as an online world.

-Blueprints -> I wanted to save a bigger stock than Bluepringt. Unfortunately this is not possible. Why? I do not know. The game just doesn't take everything in the square that I draw into the Blueprint. It disturbs enormously, because there are missing beams, which make it impossible to hold the building.

In addition, an update of the camera might be nice to make sure it doesn't move again and a https page would be nice. I hope I could help, except for the points a wonderful game.



  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey DarkZoomy, you can definitely save multiplayer games. Only the host can though. Why are you having a hard time doing that?

    As for blueprints, there were technical limitations forcing us to have this limit, sorry about that.

    You can set the camera to "editor mode" which means it won't control itself or adjust itself anymore. Click the settings cog at the top right, then click Editor Camera.

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