Savegame loads extremely slow

each time I load a savegame in Multiplayer, my friend needs extremly long to load it. I wonder why, cause he needs every time 5-10min. The savegame can't be such big, cause the game-download is not even 1 GB of data. For that we need less than 1min to download. My Upload is fine too. Is there any solution?
In the file you see my Internet connection, the one of my friend is even faster
Thank you


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Hammersbald, there's not much you can do, unfortunately. Sorry
  • Understood thank you
  • MonotonyMonotony Member
    edited February 2022
    There is actually a simple solution - use QuickSave button on top right "cog" - This can reduce save size up to 30 TIMES! (no joke) Because QuickSave does not have a thumbnail. For most maps the BIGGEST file is the picture, a "thumbnail".
    Alternatively, you could reduce or remove map/saves thumbnail.png in those directories: (send maps faster too in lobby/via workshop)
    Steam\steamapps\common\Castle Story\Info\UGC\Maps

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