Returning Player With A Question or Two

So to get started, I have not played Castle Story in quite sometime. Recently I started playing with my little cousin to help stay connected while i'm away in Japan. Enough back story...

I remember from playing a while ago that the bricktrons would do more damage to the corrupt(?) so the archers werent shooting 20 arrows into one guy. I also remember the archers able to TK the melee guys which i found hilarious. Is there anyway to change the damage and the ability for bricktrons to TK? I prefer having lots of enemies with less health than less enemies with a lot of health.

I am loving having my little dudes fight, and gather.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hi Tumbleweed15!

    There is :)

    Poke around the .lua files that are in Castle Story/Info/Lua - you'll want to open those in a file editor and change the values in there (at your own risk!)

    I think you'll find gameplayTest.lua useful for the things you're trying to mod.

    Feel free to join the Discord, lots of people in there that will also be happy to help (quicker than on the forums!)
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