My Two Cents

Hey all, I've been playing Castle Story for a while now, I've gotten a ton of my friends to buy it too! We all love the game and I love all of the additions the team has made in all the wonderful updates we've had. I do, however, have a couple of ideas that I think would fit into the game nicely.

New Task - I'm sure many of you have experienced this (unless I'm doing something wrong), where you are making a catapult and you start making barrels (the ammo). Your bricktrons start putting them in a nearby stockpile but the catapult is really far away. It would be nice if there was a new task where you could tell them to move everything from one stockpile to another (maybe something where you can select the specific stockpile(s) in the crafting menu for the specific table.

New Building / Option - When I play the game, I like to make multiple bases. Whether it's to flank somebody by holding my army there or to set up an ambush at a choke point when they least expect it. There is one problem with this though, bricktrons that aren't equipped with gear (aren't soldiers) will naturally travel back to the home crystal if they aren't actively doing something. I think it would be nice if there was some sort of building you could make that tells certain bricktrons (that you choose) to stay near it and it would act as another home crystal. You could also just make a ward that tells them to stay near a crystal you have captured. Maybe you could set a radius where they will use the stockpiles or do tasks etc.

Catapult Additions - I love catapults, I love launching explosive barrels at my enemy's towers and watching them topple down. The thing is, though, that they have a limited range. Most games I end up having to make multiple catapults spread around the map in order to cover a good area. I think it would be nice if there was a new type of unit called "Siege Worker" that can move catapults. You would need at least 2 (one on each side) but if you add one or two more it can move faster. It would also be nice if there were some sort of elevator or pulley system. I'm thinking something like a big plank with a pulley on either side that can move catapults up cliffs (slowly). You would also need siege workers to operate it though.

Building Them - I think bricktrons would have to bring one metal ingot to the top (for each pulley) and then rope that is thrown down to the plank. You would need 5 or 6 planks down at the bottom. Once all that happens the lift would be built. Siege worker would be made at the forge btw.

Siege Worker - 1 iron (for helmet) and some fabric (for gloves)
Siege Lift - 2 iron (pulleys) 2 rope (pulleys) 6 planks

About The Stockpile Task Thing - I think there should be a new feature that is task tabs. There would be different sections of tasks you can select (like the build menu) such as resources, terrain, buildings, and stockpile management. The stockpile management tab would have the new task maybe with some others for the future.
Resource - Each Resource Task (stone, wood, plants, etc.) maybe cleanup task too?
Terrain - Quarry, Tunneling etc.
Buildings - Construction, Repair, etc.

Sorry for the long post, hope you agree with my ideas! If you have any thoughts just comment and let me know :wink:


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Howdy, thanks for taking the time to share feedback, it's really appreciated.

    For the most part, we've concluded development on Castle Story as we've begun working on our new title, Mirador.

    Just like you guys, we still have tons of ideas of things we could do to improve Castle Story and we might work on another update in the future though. :)

    Thank you again.
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