Brickton and website bugs

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#1 Multiplayer tree chopping.
When playing a multiplayer game and the enemy chop down some trees at the other end of the map, your bricktons will move across the map to pick up their logs. This can also be abused in multiplayer by placing archers on a hill and than chop down some trees at the base of it to get the enemy bricktons to come and collect them and get shot by the archers.

#2 Multiplayer bricktons go "AFK"
In a multiplayer invasion game i have saved, we have the issue that our bricktons just stand in base and do nothing even with 3 active tasks. We have tried to move them around to get them to start working with no luck.
Can provide saved gameplay

#3 Multiplayer bricktons take wrong route
In the above invasion game our bricktons take a route that is x5 longer, out of the south door, around two forest areas to the destination, instead of taking the north door and walking 2 seconds to the destination.
Can provide saved gameplay


  • #4 serious website error is not automatically forcing a new secure HTTPS connection.
    This for example becomes a serious issue when the website itself ( present non secure HTTP links, such as "< a href="" title="Forum">Forum"
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    Thank you for pointing these out drenriza.

    If you provide me with your save file, I can figure out why your Bricktrons aren't working. Even top-view screenshot of your base may be enough.
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