(These theories came from twitch streams, common sense, and the fact that it would make a super cool campaign. I'd like to see if anyone else has an idea for how any of the world works.)
Brimstone is a highly explosive, magical crystal that likely works through channelling souls, and probably the primary method of transportation for Bricktrons. The way they spread from one floating island to another would be through using the crystals as pylons and sending to an unoccupied crystal. While a point of origin for Bricktrons is hard to say for sure, the monolith seems like a good bet being pretty much the only named landmark.

Corruptrons however are almost certainly native to the moon, and the glowing crater is a form of super pylon, sending Corruptrons all the way to the ground. Corruptrons are much better at channelling souls and can do it through the ground, unlike Bricktrons that require crystals, Corruptrons are able to go from the moon straight into the earth, possibly tearing the landmass away, into the air, as souls seem rather buoyant.

Warlocks seem to carry corruptron's souls inside the large crystal on their back, and send them into the ground to summon troops. As you cannot loot brimstone from warlock corpses it seems that once brimstone becomes attuned (i.e. made into a sentinal or crystal) it is irreversible, and cannot be turned back into regular brimstone. The same is likely true for rocks, as once rocks are cut and refined they cannot transmit even Corruptron souls, causing said stone to obey gravity.


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