Common Problems/Questions and possible Solutions/Answers

Hey i thought i would make a collection of the most common Questions and Problems and give Answers.

You will need to know where the Game files are for most Problems and for some Questions too
Finding Game Files:
1. Right click Castle Story in Steam
2. Click on Properties
3. Select the "Local Files" tab
4. Click on "Browse Local Files..."
5. A new Window opens you are now in the Castle Story Folder


Most problems can be fixed with Verifying the Integrity of Game Files or a fresh reinstall. You will find both solutions in more detail under "Game crashes/doesn't start"

Some Problems are only temporary and might be fixed with a simple game/computer restart.

Game crashes/doesn't start
Solution 1. (Verify Integrity of Game Files)
1. Right click Castle Story in Steam
2. Click on Properties
3. Select the "Local Files" tab
4. Click on "Verify Integrity of Game Files..."
5. Steam will check the files for Errors and will redownload all corrupted files

Solution 2. (fresh reinstall)
Follow this guide

Can't join Multiplayer.
Solution 0. (fresh reinstall/Verify Integrity of Game Files)
Please see "Game crashes/doesn't start" for this

Solution 1. (Firewall)
The most common problem is that your Firewall or the Windows Firewall blocks the game.
Add a exception for Castle Story in your Firewall.
Here are the steps for Windows Firewall:
1. press WIN key and click on "Settings"
2. A new window opens click on "Update & Security"
3. Select the "Windows Security" tab
4. Click on "Firewall & network protection"
5. A new window opens click on "Allow an app through firewall"
6. A new window opens. Click on "Change settings"
7. Look for the 2 Castle Story lines and check all the boxes
If you have a separate firewall just disable the Windows Firewall and add a exception to your Firewall

Solution 2. (virtual network application)
Programs like Tunnel, Hamachi or Evolve HQ can cause problems too and should be uninstalled.

Solution 3. (using virtual network application)
This is mainly for all Russian since the Russian Government blocks some IPs from Amazon services which are used to connect Players in Castle Story.
A way around this is using a VPN.

Solution 4. (Forwarding Ports)
It's more unlikely but if nothing else helped yet forward the port 3000 TCP and UDP on your Router.

UI is too big/small.
There is no official support for it but you can try and change "canvasScale" in Castle Story/Info/UserSettings
Here is the source of this Info

If you still have a Problem you can go on the official Castle Story Discord or submit a request

If you contact the Support i would recommend to include a short description of your Problem what you already tried to fix it. Your Computer Specs if it's Performance related (low fps game doesn't start etc.) and your Multiplayer Logs if it's Multiplayer related.


Removing Blueprints/Blocks
1. Open a Construction Task
2. CTRL click the Blueprint/Blocks you want to remove

Removing Stumps
1. Create a Construction Task or open a existing one
2. CTRL click every single stump
3. Confirm the Task

Capturing Crystals
1. Build an Altar
2. Queue a capture Crystal
3. Place the Capture Crystal next to the Crystal you want to capture.

How does Wood work ?
Shatojon made an unofficial Tutorial for this

Enabling Instant Build
2. Click on the Gear in the Top right
3. Click on "Toggle Debug Display"
4. Now click on the new 3th symbol in the top right
5. Click on "Instant Build mode"
Note: This will disable all Achievements for that save.

Making Screenshots without UI
1. Click on Setting (the Gear) in the top right
2. Click on ScreenShot (Camera/third Symbol)
3. The Screenshot has been saved to C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Castle Story\Screenshots

Can you play Invasion Coop with 2 sets of Bricktrons?
Not officially but there are two mods for it mod one mod two

Changing Invasion Timer
Shatojon made a unofficial Tutorial for this.
1. Go to \Castle Story\Info\Lua\Gamemodes\Invasion\Presets
2. Copy the difficulty you want to change it for
3. Open the copy ( i would recommend Notepad++)
4. Change the __DISPLAYNAME to however you want the Preset to be called
5. Change waveDuration to the amount (in seconds) you want
6. If you just want that it takes longer until the first wave comes change firstWaveDurationBonus
Note: the first wave length is calculated by combining waveDuration and firstWaveDurationBonus
7. Save and close the file

Changing Bricktron Cap
1. Go to \Castle Story\Info\Lua\Gamemodes\[Gamemode you want to change]
2. Open config.lua
3. Change bricktronCap to your liking
4. Save and close the file

Changing maximum saveable Blueprints.
Shatojon showed it in a Stream here is a clip of it.
1. Open C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Castle Story\Info\Lua\LUI\Menus\GameMenu.lua
2. Press CTRL + F
3. Search for maxCompound
4. Change the value "16" to your liking
5. Save and close the file

Converting Saves to playable Maps
Here is my Source also in case you want to copy game objectives here is a nice tool

Also check out the Castle Story Wiki
If there are any Questions left feel free to join Discord and ask


  • Question:
    How does the game decide what player spawn to spawn you at in a singleplayer invasion map, I've tried to figure it out myself but it always spawns the player on the wrong player spawn. Any tricks I should be aware of when creating maps?
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    It's the very first player crystal that's created in the world editor.
  • awesome.
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