Activation key problems

I think I'm using fourm's right? if i am my problem is that last year at PAX east i won an activation code this and when i got home i used the code and played the game for a while after a while of playing it i checked in to steam to play it but i did not have the game i looked at the game and all i could do was buy the game.i am very upset that i cant play the game anymore can somebody please help me get the game back on my steam account.


  • sorry for spelling and Grammer isuses is that other post
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey emgower!

    Yep, you're on the forums. :)

    The keys we've been giving out at PAX were Humble Bundle redeem pages. Can you start by confirming that this is indeed the type of key you've received? It was a URL that has in it?

    Thank you.
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