Predictable Player Spawns in Conquest [dubbed 'Survival Conquest']

Hello Castle Story forums. I bought the game yesterday and I'm loving it. However, I had an idea for a little co-op map for up to 3 players but I found that the player spawns behaved in strange ways. What I wanted was for the players and enemies to always spawn in the same place, or somewhere close.

I heard that this game was somewhat moddable so I searched around to find that no one has created a workaround. Well, since it's a Sunday that means I could just make it myself so here it is.

What is this?

This is a gamemode that is the same as Conquest but the player spawns, and the enemy spawns can be predicted.

With the assumption that the spawn markers in the map editor will never change order, the top-most spawn markers are the 'oldest' markers and therefore the 'first' in the list. See below.

In the presets of this gamemode, there is a variable called 'player_spawns' and 'enemy_spawns'. . If the player_spawns was 2, then the players could spawn in the top 2 markers, if 3, then the top 3 markers, and if 4, the top 4 markers. In the example above, the map was designed for player_spawns to be set to 3. And that will result in spawns as in below.

The other variable 'enemy_spawns' is essentially the same as 'startingCorruptCrystals'. It is the maximum of the remaining crystals that will be an enemy. This can be seen in the example below where the map is designed for 2 player spawns.

As you can see, the players and enemies will spawn randomly within their spawns.


  1. Download '' attached to this post.
  2. Extract it into '...\Info\Lua\Gamemodes\' of the Castle Story game directory.
  3. Make sure 'Survival Conquest' is the gamemode and use a map that is compatible with the preset.

I haven't tested this yet with co-op. But it should work so please let me know!

A map
This is the map that I made this gamemode specifically for.
Use this map with this gamemode and make sure one of your presets is set for 3 players! (3p)


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