My Co-op and PVP invasion MP Mod! Updated!

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Hi everyone I'm fedex2118, I'm publishing here a mod I've been working for a while. I really hope you will enjoy it!
This mod actually modifies the invasion gamemode for multiplayer letting players control 1 crystal each and their own bricktrons and fight against the waves of corruptrons.

You can play it Co-op:

Or you can play it PVP:

Main features:

1) Your crystal can spawn into a different spawnpoint position everygame. (If you play PVP be aware that you can spawn near your enemy because is random).

2)The corruptron waves can be skipped by the Host. Every wave chooses randomly between all players' crystals so it can happen that for example 3 waves go to a player and only one goes to the other. It's Random!

3)If a player dies he will have only the option to spectate: if he wants to leave he needs to leave touching the home button on the top right of the screen. If the Host leaves everyone leaves the game, so GameOver! :s

Notes: I do recommend the Host to wait until everyone wants to leave or is defeated.

4)If your crystal is destroyed all the waves that are going towards you will choose another player's crystal.

5) Now with lights out:

Installation instructions:

Make a backup of your folder "Invasion" that is in [your CD]:\steamapps\common\Castle Story\Info\Lua\Gamemodes\invasion.

1) Download the file attached at the bottom.
2) Go to your Castle story folder, it should be in [your CD]:\steamapps\common\Castle Story
3) Extract the folder Info there.
4) Other method: In the zip that you downloaded double click Info, double click Lua, double click Gamemodes, double click Invasion, now go to your castle story invasion folder [your CD]:\steamapps\common\Castle Story\Info\Lua\Gamemodes\Invasion
and extract the files "Presets", "invasion_ui.lua" , "invasion.lua".

IMPORTANT: I recommend you and your friends have it installed, not only the host, there are some bugs occuring when only the host has it but the other players haven't.


  • A bit easier for the instalations is.
    1) Download the file attached at the bottom of this post.
    2) Extract the "Info" folder from the My Co op or PVP invasion Reworked Mod 1.rar compressed file.
    3) Go to your Castle Story folder by right-clicking Castle Story in your Steam library, clicking Properties, going to the Local Files tab in the window that opened, then clicking Browse Local Files.
    4) Drag the "Info" folder you extracted, into an empty part of your Castle Story folder. If it asks you to replace files, click yes.

    This only works if you use this file.
  • Ty Matthew7991!
  • I am suprised that you didn't had that idea with the easy install by yourself since you commented on electroz mod
  • Sadly this is going to have the same problem as electroz's mod, where a save game will break upon trying to reload it. You NEED to give it a custom codename, or else it won't be able to load properly because it will try and use the default preset, disabling you to choose different teams or colors.

    Follow the same guidelines as Matthew7991's install, and this will allow you to save and reload.
  • Ty Limeyhoney! I'm really sorry that I forget to check saves.. pls forgive me for that.
    I really hope everyone will follow these instructions and I hope you will enjoy this mod!
    Report here any feedback or any other bugs you encounter. I will try to fix them.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Very nice! Thank you so much for sharing. :D You should share it on the Steam forums too, you'll get more views there.

  • hello, I'm french is this mod interests me, except that your explanation of each one of my doubt is I it is not how to install the mod I must follow the explanation of who? it is possible to repost "the instruction of the installation to have no problem?"

    I also benefit to know if mod, there is that the host who must install it or all players who want to play with the host must also install it?
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Salut @darkcobra - peux-tu reformuler ta question en Francais afin que je puisse tenter de mieux t'aider?
  • ah désoler quand j'ai vue que c'était écrit en anglais je voulez pas.. rendre la chose compliqué ^^'
    bah entre temps j'ai acheté le jeu est j'ai remarquer quand dans le multi il y avait le mod invasion donc j'ai un doute, le mod de fedex2118 ne sert plus a rien vue qui y a le mod invasion... je me trompe ?
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Tu te trompes! :)

    Le mod de fedex2118 te permet de jouer en invasion avec un ami, mais que chacun controle ses propres Bricktrons et defende son propre crystal.

    Officiellement, le mode invasion est supporté en co-op aussi, mais vous partagerez les memes Bricktrons et devez defendre le meme crystal.
  • je vois bah du du coup la question d'avant c'était pour savoir si il est possible je réecrire officiellement les étape de l'Installation du mod car avec se qui on dit les deux autre je suis perdu^^' << prudence est mère de sûreté>>

    je pas aussi comprit se qui se passer si il y avait que l'hote qui avait le mod et les autre pas...
  • Pourquoi le multi n'est pas comme ça ?
    Je trouve cette version du mode invasion beaucoup plus sympa puisque ton ami peut venir t'aider :)
  • Hi @darkcobra, almost a year has passed since I published this mod but it should be still working! For install instructions try the matthew or limeyhoney ones, they are in this comment section. If you feel like the instructions are too complicated and you found an easier way to install this just post it here ;)
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    Download file copy (in case there are problems with the main one).
  • Me and a few friends were trying this with 3 people and we were only able to select 2 factions. Is it capped at 2 factions or is there a workaround?
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Could be the amount of crystals on the map you chose.
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    This is a great mod for gamers, I really like the image and its good features I played it at, it brings a lot of exciting new experiences.
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