Disappoint and unusable 'combat'

Back to this game for 1st time in 2 years. Worked thru the tutorial and all seemed good, so got suckered in to try a game. Chose Conquest, as I remember the invasion mode just getting harder and harder, and not being satisfying...

Anyhow, was building up my settlement, when suddenly noticed a rock monster attacking my home crystal. No warning, no alarm ! This was just the start. The attacks are never 'sounded out'. It's very hard to notice when you are being attacked. Why can't there be an alarm, or at least the Bricktron make a decent 'ouch' when attacked ?

I did the 'Call to arms', only had enough gear for 2 archers and a halberdier. But they need micro-managing all the time. Worse still, the other workers just carry on, going out into the wild and continually being attacked. The call to arms should call everyone in, or have another option to stop them wandering out and getting attacked.

I gave up on the game without even bothering to save. Very disappointing. I've always liked the game, lots of potential, but needs some serious, and competent programming done to make it usable. ~Shoild not have made it to Beta in this state. Don't waste you time playing it !


  • Also forgot to mention that I'd already re-started the game TWICE, as the Bricktrons twice got stuck collecting resources. If they are logging with no stockpile yet built they just leave the logs on the floor, then get blocked in. Or if there are trees behind stones, and you set them to do all resources, they do the trees first, and get stuck behind the stones. Unable to path, or climb out, you are doomed from the start. You need to be very careful to avoid this. Again, how stupid are the Bricktrons, or do they reflect the programmers ?

    And please don't just answer "oh you should have built stockpiles/chopping block first... I did place them, but they went blindly on cutting down trees. And, yes I know I can change the priority, but you are missing the point that people shouldn't have to worry about this level of micro-management. It's not intuitive, and doesn't make the game fun, just makes people dislike the game and the programmers.
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    Hey GroundHogDude, while I understand your frustration, insulting our programmers (or any other person, be it player or dev) is childish, won't help (and isn't tolerated on the forums).

    When it comes to making your workers come back home and stay put during danger times, you can recall all your workers by holding right-click on a crystal you own and selecting the action button in there.

    When you want them to get back to work, be sure to select the workers and press H, or hold right-click and choose "Automate workers".

    If your Bricktrons are stuck behind logs (it happens, it's a physics based game) - you can select the worker and right-click on a log to pick it up. Usually though, if you make them move to a spot outside of the clutter, they should just be able to push the logs around.

    There is definitely some micro managing needed in Castle Story, but it shouldn't be that bad - if you're having issues where you're constantly finding yourself needing to micromanage without wanting to, let us know, preferably with a save file, so we can take a look.

    Thank you.
  • Just click call to arms couple times - they'll get there eventually. Make sure your weapon racks have enough space around in case they'd have to drop big log or brick. Before the wave there are music changing effects usually, at least at invasion. There are enemy unit indicators on the borders of screen when they in vision range. There is sound/music effect played when your crystal is not full hp. Get some bricks to cover your crystal so you will have some time to react on attack. Or make walls so enemies would not sneak past your small window screen where all your attention is concentrated all the time (for whatever reason)
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