Low Fps

hi everyone,
I have a great problem with fps. When i start a match in multiplayer with my friend, the game run normally like 30/60 fps but when nights comes the fps went at 2/3 and i can't play.. Is very strange becouse i have a great computer !


  • Have you tried lowering the quality settings? I imagine that your friend playing with you at the same time probably causes a lot of FPS drops due to all the extra computations being processed per ticks.
  • Yes i have tried to modify graphics settings but was useless , i played alone with the same match and the lag was remained
  • maybe it's becouse i host the game ?
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    Hey GodFarmer,

    Since you've opened a support ticket about this issue, we're going to help you on the support ticket to avoid muddling the information on two different platforms.
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