Open Blueprint Managment

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As you already know the hotkey doesn't work as mentioned in this thread
It also allows conflicting keybindings. You shouldn't be able to select a key that is already used for any block or structure.
And last of all in my opinion the open Bluepring Managment should be under Blueprints in the Keybindings instead of in Task Selected because it only apllies to the Building Task.

And since you already looking into the Blueprint tab. I am wondering why there are no keys for Blueprint move and split.

I know this Discussion is kinda bug report and feedback/general but i wanted to have everything in one place :D


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Thank you!
  • Small update. I found out that the key for Clear Blueprint Selection is used to open the Blueprint Managment but you can't close it with it since it will still clear the selected blueprints
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