Zuma Resources

In my opnion Zuma is the hardest map on Invasion because it has by far the least Brimstone and Iron. It has only 840 Brimstone and 920 Iron on the Surface. The seccond least Invasion map is Troubled Heaps and has 2640 Brimstone and 2680 Iron. So it has 3 times more Resources on the Surface.
Zuma should get more so it has 2k of each resource. The average for the Invasion Maps is around 4800 so only 840 is just a way to big of a gap.
Currently tt is impossible to keep up later in the game. Ff just one of your knight dies you are screwed. Also what are you supposed to do with all the stone.
I just let 28 Bricktrons in average mine in 4 mines while 17 got wood or build more storage. After 1 hour they got 1310 Brimstone and 440 Iron. Considering i would play the game as intended this would have taken 3 hours.
So on Zuma you loose 3 hours on getting Brimstone and Iron. While it only takes 11 minutes with 15 bricktrons to mine the current surface resources


  • Plateau Mont-Royal is also pretty hard, not Zuma hard, but hard because the surface brimstone mining sites are literally on top of Curroptron spawn points. Literally only 4 surface mining sites are available and on one of them you can risk the curroptrons getting aggroed to dig into a cliffside. Not gonna lie though it's still my favorite map regardless due to how easily defendable it is if you're fast enough to build walls and pylons to aggro favorably the hordes. Also if you're willing to deform the cliffs near your crystal you can dig tunnels into them to get extra brimstone and iron.

    It's a nicely balanced map that rewards the tunneling function.
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    Hey guys, I'll forward this to the devs so we can take a look, thanks. :)
  • Yeah I ain't gonna lie I'd check out Zuma a lot more but as it's balanced right now for Invasion... Thanks for your work.
  • Well it is a Invasion map. And well in my opinion it isn't balanced thats the point :D
  • 1) Zuma have less resources is ok cause It have simple 2 tight paths to cover, and also this - 2) Learn to dig ores from mountains/ground with Tunnels/Quarry/Ctrl+LMB and discover new crazy miner's gameplay : D - It can even be faster than ore nodes. It takes 8 hits to gather 20 ores from thicc ore wall, and 20 hits from crystal ore noes. 3) When you increase invasion resources on maps that supports PVP you make a disbalance there - e.g. atm On Plato mon royale Player spot for invasion have PVP advantage having 50% more ores at 4 closest ore clusters - than any other player spot.
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