How are players and Corruptron spawn crystals determined in Conquest?

Given the current lack of co-op invasion modes, I've been trying to engineer one with Conquest Co-op mode. However, the behavior of player vs. AI spawning is very confusing. I tried to make a 3 player map with 3 player crystals, and the game refused to allow 3 teams for that map. When I added a 4th crystal, then it worked. So then I added a few more player spawn crystals (not shards), but then the player spawn points seem to change randomly. What gives? How does the game determine where a player spawns at a crystal versus where an AI spawns at a crystal?

Also, how exactly do the Corruptron spawn points work in Conquest? Or do they? Just trying to design an interesting map, but it's all rather cryptic with little documentation that I can find.

Thanks for your help!


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey iacondios,

    I'll try getting you a response from a dev soon. Sit tight! :)
  • SamhainSamhain Administrator
    Hello iacondos,

    So, first of all, Corruptron spawn points don't do anything in conquest. They are used in invasion only, to determine where corruptron waves can spawn.

    In conquest, since corruptrons occupy territory and are a constant presence on the map, they are treated more like a player, and will spawn on a player spawn point, which is why you couldn't have 3 teams in a map with 3 spawn points in coop : you need at least one for the corruptrons.

    As for where exactly the players and corruptrons spawn, this is quite a bit more complex, but essentially, the first player will always pick a spawn at random, and then the remaining players pick a spawn relative to that : allies of the first player will pick spawns that are closest, and enemies will pick the furthest spawn points.

    Your best bet if you want to make a map for 3 players against corruptrons would be to place 2 clusters of 3 relatively close spawn, that are closer to each other that they are to the other cluster. This way, no matter what spawn the first player picks, the team will be together, and the corruptrons on the other cluster.

    Also, the algorithm for spawn points is in lua, so it's moddable, if you have a very specific idea in mind and you can code (this is a lot more involved than say, gamemode presets). The spawn point logic differs by gamemode, and is generally found in Serverside.lua in the folder of a specific gamemode.
  • That is incredibly helpful! Thanks for the response. I can do a bit of code, though I haven't looked at the Lua language yet. Sounds like I will need to reconsider how I design maps around the clustering, unless I want to go and edit the Lua code.
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