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    Seems to be another way to solve this issue, because now it looks poor...On the other hand - work is faster now. But romantic feeling about transfering bricks to each other is lost :( Anyway, development goes on and I wish you good luck! I'm glad to see an update!
  • Oh boy.
    See, I actually really like what Castle Story could be, but the studio keeps on making decisions I can't quite comprehend.

    Limited amount of Bricktrons?
    Placing bricks three rows high?
    Passthrough Brickstrons?

    This game has been in developement for for so many years now the and studio spend such an immense amount of time in overhauling, fixing and tweaking the AI and yet you guys decided to "improve" it by removing very characteristic parts of Castle Story?! Again?! (ladders)
    Instead of just fixing the freakin' issues.

    Not sure if you Developers care about a long time player's oppinion, though.

    But I'm done with your game so far, because you keep on ruining it for me.
  • Tbh I agree with CharlieF. Passthrough bricktrons looks really awful, and it's very immersion-breaking. I actually had a good time watching my bricktrons stumble around confusing each other, gave me a "herding cats" feeling that seems to have been lost with the recent updates. Adding several stairs to a wall to prevent traffic jams was actually a nice brain puzzle.
  • I have no problem with the changes i actually like them.
    No more jammed quaries (this was especially annoying since you could't do anything against it).
    Sure it now doesn't look as nice but if they are able to walk around each other they do it and in my opinion gameplay goes first. Also it helped the performance quite a lot it took 4 1/2 hours until the first lag occurred. (routhly wave 19)

    Sure you have to get used to the limited amount of bricktrons but i am currently playing Invasion on super easy (every wave 1 min longer; starting wave 2 min longer but first wave buged is higher) and i am fine with 15 bricktrons only annoying is that wisp production stops once 15th bricktron spawns. I understand why they did it. I only don't know why they didn't use 16 but ok :smile: And if it really bothers you for Sandbox for example you still can just increase the max in the files.

    Building 3 high was propably just a balancing and quality of life thing. I always build 3 high walls in Invasion. But i still have to use stairs to get my range units up there or place sentinals.
  • @Forgetaboutme
    You know I kinda have to agree here, at least let us change the Bricktrons to another number without having to manipulate lua files via a game menu. Hell I didn't even know this was a thing since I haven't had a lot of time to fully play the updates that have been rolled out since December. Currently playing on a game map with only 7 bricktrons and on wave 20 while building another fort away from the home crystal. This completely puts a monkey wrench on my plans. Moreover you've said since the March 02 update that you will be balancing the game around this Bricktron cap limit, so I guess I won't bother updating this game anymore unless you make some really big changes to troop movement and the like.
  • @CastleBuilder As far as i know the game is already balanced for 15 Bricktrons since 1.1 i think.
    Only 7 Bricktrons on wave 20 that doesn't seem right or did your Bricktrons die that often ?
  • My bricktrons die because I don't like using wards too much, I like making defenses mostly infantry. Thanks to knight shield mechanics in place, it forces me to think out building lay outs and infantry tactics to accomodate the fact that knights have a vulnurability in their rears, I could share some of my defense lay outs if you'd like. Anyhow around Wave 25 I've had to use wards because my troops bleed my population too hard. Also according to the Devs and Shato since 1.0 it's been balanced around 15. Regardless, they should still allow the player to move these settings within the game's menus, not have us have to go into the lua.

    Many RTS allow players to move around settings such as AI difficulty, Population limits, Tech Tree Limits, etc. etc. etc. within the game's menus. Yes Castle Story is not your average RTS, but that still doesn't mean you should gimp player options or controls around this. Fine, balance the game around 15 bricktrons, and tell the player base that as well as warn them while letting them adjust things how they please via in game menus. Don't tell them to dig around config ini files, or luas as is the case for this game.
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