Ramps and Parapets

HateMeHateMe Member
edited March 2018 in Bug Reports
Those are not really bugs, but are really bothering me, for some reason.
So, the Parapet 1 and the Parapet 2 icons are switched: So the Parapet 1 (The wider one) have the icon of the Parapet 2 (The narrower)
And, i don't know if it is only me, but the Ramp texture has some problem: It have the same color of any other wood block, borders are darker, but the wood grains aren't visible. Same thing for the Ramp Junction. Probably a picture will make it clearer

Edit: Oh and the in-game clock is bugged, since it use hexadecimal codes for ascii character, I've runned into this bizzare bug, where it says that I've player B9:49 hours (19 in hexadecimal is uppercased 'B', it should be 199:49 hours)


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