Winning condition for invasion

So, I know invasion is designed to be unwinnable. But, that's a pretty sucky design. A better design might be if the player can venture out and destroy the crystals these corruptons seem to be coming from (I'm not certain they are, but I'm just assuming this to be the case. Let's say it is)? Maybe they could be heavily defended, right from the beginning, so it's no easy feat to destroy them.

Also, maybe the more you destroy, the more they send, this as a bonus to whatever they normally would, so you'd face that surge you sometimes get with conquest games. How does that sound? I don't think it's right to have this without some way to win.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    edited February 2018
    Hey tryguy,

    We actually made changes and the winning condition is to reach wave 60. The mode is designed to getting super difficult the closer you are to wave 60, good luck. :)

    We chose to allow players to continue past that point, but it's optional.
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