Update 1.1.1 - More QOL & Fixes!

ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
Hey everyone,

We hope you spent a wonderful Valentine's day with your loved ones, yesterday!

As we've said before, we're focusing on Quality of Life improvements for Castle Story in the short term; making building easier, adjusting certain mechanics that may be less fun for newer players, etc.

Today's update is a good window into that endeavor. Here are all the changes:

Bricktrons can now build three layers of height without needing stairs. This should make building considerably easier and eliminates the need for some more complex maneuvers previously needed to get around certain building restrictions.

Rubble and loose resources on the ground no longer merge back into little mounds. They now just disappear into the ground, without creating bumps. While this was originally a cool sounding idea, we've come to realise with time that it wasn't ideal when it came to building cool looking castles - constantly having to clean up and flatten terrain to keep it looking tidy, or even keep walls or dynamic structures usable, wasn't fun.

Corruptrons will no longer attack quarries or tunnels' stairs and player-made stairs are now considerably lower in the list of priorities of things Corruptrons want to murder with their little gravelly hands!

Fixed an issue where Bricktrons would seemingly randomly jump off to their death. We hired a psychiatrist and they talked their problems through. We're good now.

Fixed an issue where "quit to menu" wouldn't work for clients in a multiplayer game (and it would break the scoreboard).

Enjoy this little update and keep the suggestions coming. :)
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