A Discussion on What to Do About Rubble

I like the fact that the rubble of my defeated enemies piles around my castle. : )
Haha! But, seriously, in ye olden tymes, earthworks were used to scale enemy walls, so I like to think that the Corruptrons do this semi-on-purpose! It seems like a natural part of the difficulty curve, to me! But I understand that many people find it frustrating, so here we are!
I hope this will be a discussion to cover the topic as a whole, as most of the posts I've seen deal with it as a side-note, or a particular aspect of the mechanic.
As I said, I personally would leave it alone, or maybe just slow down the build-up process.
Another approach might be to eliminate rubble from building destruction, make rubble in Bricktrons' bags STAY in the bags when dropped (As suggested by Thenos!), and then leave corruptron droppings alone, to maintain the mechanic, but make it less oppressive. Corruptrons, even from the grave, they strike at thee!


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    What we realised is that the benefits to the mergeback mechanic, notably; resource is never lost and corruptrons can eventually mound high enough to climb your walls - were not particularly useful or fun and definitely didn't shadow the cons and some frustrations that the feature brought (performance issues, uneven/"ugly" terrain/structures' use getting blocked from having mounds forming around them/etc.)

    The truth is it was very easy to simply add another layer of bricks to delay by 5-10 waves the "mound" getting high enough for your Corruptrons to run over and the resources not being wasted wasn't necessary, a huge majority of said mounds were made of stone rubble and there's no lack of stone in the game.

    After playing without the mergeback mechanic, we realised it really makes things smoother as a whole and that's what we're aiming for in our upcoming patches, as you know from our streams announcements. :)
  • Fair enough! Thanks for the response. Just as a note... I am a fan of the droppable bags idea, and I actually quite disliked losing iron and brimstone to the ground. : )
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