[Crafting] Wards/kits stack on altar when no stockpile available

When there's nowhere to put crafted wards, instead of waiting for the first one to be carried away, the next ones continue being made and stack on the same altar:

As far as I'm concerned, the logic behind items stacking might or might not be a new game mechanic, and not a bug. However, I'm mighty positive their models should look nothing like this :)

Steps to repro:
  1. Make sure all stockpiles are either full or reserved for other materials
  2. Have an altar and enough materials for at least 2 different kinds of wards
  3. Queue a ward of any kind
  4. Queue a ward of another kind
  5. Wait for the first ward to be finished

Expected result: further production halted because there's no room for the finished ward
Actual result: the production continues and the next ward is made alongside the existing one

  • Also applies to >2 kinds of wards and >1 wards of each kind.
  • When there's an artificer's kit in the queue, it stacks as well.

Note: the staff doesn't get put away despite having an empty weapon rack. Might be unrelated.


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