[UI] Map fails to remain collapsed after another sidebar event occurs

If I'm not mistaken, once you collapse something... it should stay that way until told otherwise, right?
The map doesn't seem to agree, though.

Steps to repro:
1. Collapse the map by clicking on the trophy icon
2. Open another sidebar menu, e.g. "New Task"
3. Close the menu you just opened

Expected result: no menu elements to be seen (because all's collapsed)
Actual result: the map is visible again (despite collapsing first)

Recording (actions repeated twice just in case):

Another point to consider:
The "New Task" menu seems to be the only one that collapses after clicking on its icon the second time. Both "Blocks" and "Structures" only do so from the "X" in the corner. Clicking the second time feels pretty intuitive, so if I had to choose, I'd keep both ways of closing.


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