1.1 Update is out!


  • "Projectile range no longer depends on the height difference between shooter and target"
    Does this means that there is no functional point to building tall castles any more? That a 2 block high archer shoots just as far as a 20 block high one?
  • Shatojon said:
    Congratulations! Awesome.
    Many thanks + Happy Holidays to the whole team!
  • This just seems like all the briktron classes were nerfed (except halbedier & workers), while the corruptrons were made even more powerful...I don't really understand the thinking behind that.
  • GancelloGancello Member
    edited December 2017
    I did play mainly co-ops so my thoughts are based on co-ops. Keep that in mind
    Okay, so let's point really good parts:
    -I guess halberdiers will be a bit more useful, before update, making them was basically wasting iron,
    -Stockpiles panel,
    -Back to work button,
    -removing projectile inaccuracy,
    Bad parts:
    -corruptons spawning on crystals- in my opinion only hard part in co-ops was surviving first night, because brictrons were spawning every where and they were swarming you all the time. It was fine, because it did add some challenge to this game. I hope this change won't affect that part that much
    -projectile range changes- it just destroyed purpose of building castles, now 2 block high wall is enough which takes "castle" part of "castle story". I feel like it's more of a "2 blocks high wall story".
    Things I wish to be fixed:
    -in co-ops, host gets most of energy for crystals. It was really frustrating to have 8 bricktrons while my friend had like 12/13,
    -possibility to choose spawns in map creating tool.

    Still happy to see update, keep up good work :D
  • There are some severe problems with the options panel when trying to play in low resolutions. At the lowest resolution, the name of the option and description are all spread out so each letter has it's own line like:
    You can see how that would make the options menu frustrating when you need to tweak settings to get better performance later into the game. If menu's and the map could scale more when switching resolutions that would be awesome too! Then when playing at the low resolutions the menus wouldn't be completely covering the screen.

    I am loving how you guys are trying to improve the performance! Makes it so I can finally play the game to the later stages of a map. Keep it up!
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey @Flamebladez - which resolutions are you playing at?
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