[TOOL] Flip/Mirror anything!

Disclaimer: The title says "anything" as in "everything"

Hello all! I recently made a map with a lot of symmetry:

In order to save time, I wrote a Python script that easily lets me flip any kind of map content: Trees, ore, bricks, you name it! Just insert the .JSON file you want to flip and there you go! Well, almost...

flipCastleStory.py -i -o -p [-e] [-v]
"inputfile" is the source .JSON file, for example PlacedBlocks.json
"outputfile" is the target .JSON file, it contains only the flipped content. You can, however, manually merge it with the original file using any text editor. Simply remove the square brackets at the end of one and the beginning of the other, and insert a comma instead.
"position" is the x or z coordinate where the symmetry axis should be. You can get the exact pixel from Heightmap.png, but keep in mind that the origin (0/0) appears to be in the bottom left.
"e" stands for "even", add this flag in order to flip without a 1-block-wide gap. By default (without this flag), the position is a central voxel inbetween the original and the flipped content. With this flag, the position is shifted inbetween two voxels, meaning there is no gap between original and flipped.
"v" stands for "vertical", it just changes the axis from x to z. This means by default it flips things from left to right and right to left, but with this flag it flips things from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Download here:


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    That's pretty awesome, thank you for sharing :D
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