Property of Brimsong, Entry 315 (2017 American Translation)

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The Grand Lantern is shining brightly outside. I go back to the kingdom to see how everyone is doing. The Halberdiers were gladly recovering from the last battle we had with the Corruptrons. I gaze out onto the horizon of the Everlasting Cliffs. It is beautiful. I can see the tiny purple dot in the far distance. The Corruptrons' crystal is shining a bit brighter than usual. I remember how amazing it is to have an island this big, and nobody has ever found the border. All I know is that people think there is a huge mass of clear liquid under it.
Being an Artificer is not bad. I like to be proud of being the second ever Artificer. Having the staff of one gives me a feeling of importance and responsibility. I will do my best to protect my kingdom, whatever it takes. Every Alchemist to every Knight to every Worker is to be protected. Speaking of Workers, Foryn decided to tunnel under the Corruptrons' base to see what was going on. He has not come back. It has been a very long time, and I am getting worried about him. Foryn is a great friend of mine.
I see Foryn rushing toward me. He has a scared look on his face. I run up to him. "What is wrong?" I ask him. "The Corruptrons have created something called a Warlock!" he replies in fear. "They plan to use it for something. All I know is that it has to do with the Grand Lantern and the First Satellite."
I forgot to mention that Foryn is one of the few Bricktrons that can speak Corruptoid. This helps out a lot during a conflict with our enemies. This conflict has not given us much information about itself, but I wait for time to speak.
If it were anyone else, this wouldn't concern me, but Corruptrons mean trouble. Those merciless beings can do anything behind your back.
I go to the little hut I built when the Graysade started. I was a kid back then. I was trained by Terriatello. The war went on as I learned more and more. Now, things are different. Terriatello is gone, killed by the Corruptrons during that battle, and now I am on my own. Things are hard without Terriatello.
There are different things to think about now, such as what is going on with this "Warlock" Corruptron. I do not understand it, but I think I can find something out about this being in
The Book of the Altar. When I go to look at it, it is not there! I ask around for the book, but nobody has it. I start to wonder how it just disappeared from my hut.
I think of the most reasonable answer. The Corruptrons must have stolen that book during the last battle. They used this to create a new being. How this being acts, I am unsure of, but it must be dangerous. I must retrieve
The Book of the Altarin order to keep us all safe.
But I cannot do this alone. I need an apprentice. I cannot just pick someone. I need to find out who would be perfect for the job of an Artificer, as using this kit requires a lot of knowledge. I keep that in mind. This Warlock could be indestructible. It could be gaining power at this very moment! The Bricktrons must stop this from destroying our kingdom. The end of Bricktrons could be coming. I start to cry. I need Terriatello!
Now, the sky starts to darken. I am confused, as it is midday. I looked around. Then I look at the sky. That is when I see the scariest thing. The First Satellite is I front of the Grand Lantern! Normally, this would not be a problem by itself, as it happens every now and then and goes away, but, this time, the First Satellite has a purple glow around it. It does not show any sign of unveiling the Grand Lantern. Again, I need
The Book of the Altar to help me out, but I do not have it. Corruptrons start coming out of the ground! Everyone screams and runs around, too scared of what is happening to defend themselves. I start to think this is the end.


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