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I'm very new to the 1.0+ updates and do not quite understand how servers work. I tried to play with 2 friends but we couldn't connect to each others servers via steam friend list. Nor with IP. Do you have to port forward your router if you want others to join?


  • Sorry if I posted this wrong. It should probably have been in "Multiplayer".
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    You shouldn't need to forward ports. If you're on each other's friends list, have someone host a game and once in the lobby (with the chat at the bottom and the list of players at the top), the other person right-click on their friend in their Steam friends' list and clicks "Join Game".

    Should pop you in.

    Make sure your firewall isn't blocking or requesting permission for Castle Story to access the internet.

    Also make sure your anti-virus isn't hindering connections.
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    Sorry it took so long to respond.
    Anyway, we now got more information on the topic. So we couldn't get it to work and could not understand why until we tried to join people on public servers. My friend could join just fine but I can't. I've since that tried joining servers around 15 times so far but not been able to. Weird thing is that I was indeed able to join one public server before my friends even downloaded the game. This was again, only one single server and earlier that day I was not able to join any servers, but back then I didn't think it was because of me.
    So conclusion so far is that I seem to be unable to join most servers, so far only been able to join this one server, can't remember the name of the host or if he was using port 3000 or not, we've also tried with other ports but with no success so far.
    Perhaps it's my internet that is the problem somehow? Is there anyway I can help you if you want to look at a fix?
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    Hey Terragon,

    Start by giving me your full system specs; CPU, GPU, OS, RAM, etc.

    Second, tell me how you're connected to the internet? Directly into your modem via Ethernet cable? Using any router? Wi-fi? University/school connection? Houseplug via electric infrastructure?

    Do you have any anti-viruses/firewalls running? Tried turning both off to test?

    Also, upload your multiplayer logs:
  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40GHz
    RAM: 7.94 GB
    GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    OS: Windows 10 pro 64-bit

    I'm connected via Ethernet cable that goes in to a Tilgin HG2381_EU
    It's a fiber network in our house. Don't know the exact speed but it's rather high, maybe 150 Mbit/s.

    The only firewall I have that I'm aware of is windows firewall and I've been looking around there a lot during the time me and my friends tried to host. Not so much when trying to join public though, so I will see if there is anything wrong there.

    Seems the multiplayer logs are a little bit weird. As I understand from the link you sent, there should be logs with dates for those days I've been playing online? Thing is that I only have 3 logs and none has a date. Linked one here, the other 2 says "file not allowed" when I try to attach them to this post.
  • Hi,

    Your logs are strangely lacking information that would allow us to figure out what's going on. Some things seems like are not working correctly.

    First step that I recommend that you do a fresh reinstall as per the instructions in this article:

    If that doesn't solve the issue, try connecting again, but when you get the error stopping you from playing, don't close the game, alt tab and send us the logs again.

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