List of suggestions after playing many rounds of conquest against AI

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1. Command que system like shift click in starcraft. (e.g. Chop this tree, then walk here, then pickup this, then run here, then drop it off here.)

2. Hotkeying units. (i have made a unity asset with code that does this if you guys want a free key to the asset msg me)

3. An attack move key, it being in the command wheel feels silly because the purpose of it is speed.

4. Reconsider the conditions under which a wizard will change from healing stance to attacking stance. e.g. when you attack move with a wizard with also a group of knights selected, you probably want to keep the wizard in the stance he was in (healing)

5. Allow me to mandate a stockpiles use before its constructed. if you try to setup a nice loom/plant processing area the plots will start filling up with goods and rock before you are even fast enough to set them all to rope, canvas or plants.

6. If you start a new building task that is literally one block being placed, can we please only have one unit respond to building it. The current system is strange and confusing. I am about to start delegating tasks to all of my idle workers then 8 of them sprint away to make one block.

7. Add a quota/demand system for continuous resources. This would fix a lot of problems. For example, set that we want 20 planks minimum and if we are below that the chopping blocks are used. It is very hard to micromanage at the moment how to keep logs. Also this would help with rope and canvas, we would set a requirement for 10 of each for example and they would be made until the quota is met. This would solve so many problems, we get to keep plant fiber, not all of our plants are converted into either rope or canvas if we happen to look away. It would just make everything actually manageable. Also make this optional, so we can optionally only do this for specific resources.

That's all i have for now.

Thank you for making this game, i love it a lot and you guys for making it.



  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    2. Planned! :D
    3. Shift + right-click with a military unit selected will do this.
    4. That sounds like a bug to me, I'll forward it to QA.

    Thank you for the other suggestions, they're noted :)
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