'Story of The Curious Bricktron'

At the beginning I was just floating around the big, blue crystal and watching action around me. Even though i didn't remember anything, I knew i lost something, something important. I heart voice inside me: 'It's time for you', I've seen a very bright light, and i started to feel. Felling wasn't new for me, but I didn't remember that I've ever felt anything earlier. That was the moment I got my body, soft, impractical body. I asked telepathically the person who spoke to me, 'What am i doing here?'
-If you want to live, you have to do what I tell you.
-Wait, what? Why would something kill me here?
-Do you see these door? Get through it.-I did what he wanted, but with a lot of doubts-Do you see those purple-glowing golems? These are Corruptrons-your worst and only enemies. They want you dead. They want us all dead. They need to die, so if you wanna live, do what I say. Now go to the left, you'll see weapon racks, take the knight kit, very characteristic one, you will know which one is it.
-Well, if you're telling the truth, I have no choice.
-Now, go to the nearest minitron, that small guy, and kill it.
I listened up and did all he wanted. There were also other warriors, so enemies couldn't outnumber me. I hit the minitron with my sword, he tried to fight back, but I blocked the hit with my shield. This enemy was no problem for me. After dying, he turned into a lot of little stones, and small, bright, purple, floating ball with a bight tail. Same situation was with the other ones.
-Now come back to castle and put back your kit, and get to work. You know, you were lucky, they came with a massive army, but when you got here, we already killed most of it.
-Ok, what do I do now, I hope you know what you are doing?
-Yes, I do. Our expedition is gonna neutralize a few nearest shards, you and a few others must prepare to defend. You and Kari have to build 3 phylon wards and 5 sentinels. Go on.
-I've got a few questions. How do I know this language?
-Mhh, well, all bricktrons' souls are made of wisps, something like parts of souls. When any living golem dies, he leaves his soul in form of a conscious wisp full of memories. I don't have to worry about bricktrons' wisps, but more about corruptrons' ones. They wouldn't do what I want, they would try to destroy me, so I use on them one of my special tools-I erase and dd things to their memory.
-And so you did with me?
-What if I say no?
-I'll tell you that if I die, you die too.
-I don't care.
-That makes sense, but if you want me to serve you, I want you to give me back my memory.
-So let's make a deal: you do what I want and I give you back your old memory.
-So get to work!
I was doing everything he told me till the evening. We build pretty solid defence. Suddenly I've seen very big golem with crystals growing out of it's back.
-What is it?-i asked
-This is a warlock-very powerful beast.
-How are we gonna destroy it?
This moment I had a flashback. I've seen this whole scene, but like monster's eyes. I suddenly heard the voice:
-Everything alright?
-Yyy, i mean yes. How are we gonna defeat it?
-As I said, Nori and Wob are gonna distract it, and you take the alchemist kit, take bombs and kill it.
-Ok, understood.
Warlock attacked. It summoned 4 minitrons. All of them were distracted, so I came out and easily killed the main menace.
-Ok, now give me back my memory.
-Well, it's impossible.
I ran to the main crystal and focused. I started neutralizing it.
-Ok, you won, please, stop! I'll give you back my memory!
I felt a lot of memories coming back to me. A lot of old abilities. Now I can create life! I recalled all my lifes, all memories. 'We just want to live and develop!' 'They are stealing what's our's!' 'They attack us!' 'We've given you a lot of signs!'
'We didn't do anything to them!' 'Brothers, look what they did to us!' I looked at my hands, they were gray. 'You are all morons!' I felt my body dismembering. I escaped. Nowadays I sometimes look at their battles and think who is gonna win. When I really count on one side I get out of underground and take form of something very powerful, summon something, or just give wisps. Or more often I get to the surface fly around and just watch, when I miss those times when I was truly free.

~Wiktor known as The Shapeshifter~

Thank u 4 reading this, it took me about 4 hours.
i'm a big fan @Shatojon !
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Post Scriptum:Could u add like easter egg floating grey soul or widp or sth?


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