The fall of a civilization

A young bricktron stands proud atop a tower that was finished. He wipes the sweat off his brow and enjoys the fruits of his labor with his comrades. Each one knows that this hour of effort will help repel the enemies in this conquest. As his men and the red nation which defend came to a rest, one lone bricktron archer decided to show the enemy what for.

The lone bricktron thinks, "I will land the first blow on these foes, and the reds will flank". The tower was atop a hill, and the only way the corruptrons could raid is by jumping off a cliff. His platoon had succeeded in being able to shoot any corruptron who jumped off before they could attack the settlement, but the solider knew he could strike the heart of his enemy from his new post.

An arrow let loose. 8 corruptrons dash for the hill. The men are sent to the top of the tower to aid in his volley. Then, as the gods attempted to move the screen, the trampling of corruptron feet halted the worlds game engine. 8 turned to 16, which turned to 40, which became 80, and ultimately ended at 118 corruptrons onto of a cliff side, throwing rocks and obliterating the archers.

As each corruptrons pathing was broken, because a hill was dug out earlier, they each proceeded to jump off the cliff, making the gods window impossible to move. The game was left alone for several minutes, running at 1 frame a second. Eventually, all was destroyed, all was corrupted, and all was lost.

That lone archer cost them all. The Stepping Stones were lost.


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    That's very well written, thank you for sharing Rick. :)
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