Hello! Streamer and game promoter here! (Not with the company)

Hello! My name is avatera, I've been playing this game since it dropped on steam, I've only gotten about 100 hours on the game thus far, but I've loved the concept and have been watching it's progress through every update.

Since the 0.9 update drop I've been streaming the game to get information out about the game including the new features and how they work. I've also taken to trying to document common occurring undocumented bugs that have been happening.

A current additional goal of the stream and my crawling through Reddit has been to actively promote this game and grow the community to make more of those fantastic game. To follow this, I want to mention that I am in no wait affiliated with Sauropod Studios and my only discussion with their employees has been discussing bugs on the subreddit, and I do not seek to profit or undermine their company in anyways while I promote or give feedback of the game.

With all the introductions out of the way I do heavily encourage you all to check out the stream, give feedback to me, and join me in promoting this awesome game.

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/avatera32

Stream times:

Important side note, I am also a Dota 2 streamer and I do intend to make a more formal stream schedule.

All time is in CST all times vary on schedule and are not 100%: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/usa/plano

Monday: 11am - 12am
Tuesday: 6pm - 2am
Wednesday: 6pm - 2am
Thursday: 9pm - 2am (may start at 6pm)
Friday: 6pm - 2am
Saturday: 6pm - 2am
Sunday: 11am - 12am


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