Some small Ideas mostly for quality of life

Being able to see other Landscape, Quarry, Cunstruction Tasks, Repair Task. Most time i need like 4 landscape tasks or 4 Repair task and its kinda hard to line them up.

Having the option to sort the tasks at the bottom with drag and drop.

It would be nice if you would be able to change all Keybindings. For example i would prefer to have the Create Project on my mouse instead of on quote or back quote. also i would prefer to have brimstone task on 1 iron task on 2.

If you click on the bottome right on the knights symbol you should sellect all Knights same for the Archers


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Matthew, you can change most hotkeys in the options. Let me know if that helps.

    Thank you for your suggestions :)
  • I know but every Hotkey i want to change i can't. All the create projects i want to change but i can't
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Ahh I see, okay. Noted, thank you :)
  • i've got a few ideas
    1. Very rare blue crystals that give you wisps.
    2. Huge sauropod statue on 1 of the maps.
    3. Kari the bearded Bricktron easter egg.
    4. Bougre the King(he would increase attack of units around him)
    5. Hidden stockpile with the 'sun in the box' (200 brimstone with shiny texture)
    6. Sun bifftron easter egg (super strong, like 10th level bifftron with old leveled bifftron placeholder graphic)
    7. When bricktron dies only next bricktron needs more wisps, not all the next ones.
    8. In conquest after too much waiting defensive totems will start to grow around the Corruptron shards making them even harder to neutralize. To grow totem a single shard needs to stay not attacked for like 15 minutes, then every 5 minutes new totem will grow. After next 10 minutes totems will start to level up. Totems will work like wards, or rather their weaker versions. It will be 4 sentinel totems with half of normal sentinel damage and twice as fast overheating, 1 healing totem with half of normal healing rate and exhaustion totem-when in it's range it'll slowly drain knights' shield stamina and slowing down bricktrons' movement. At first sentinel and healing totems would be 0.5 as effective as wards, level 2 would be just like wards, but with lower health, and level 3 would be 1.5 times as effective as wards-for healing totem just faster healing rate, for sentinels damage, range and overheating rate, and for exhaustion totems sowing and stamina draining rate.
    9. and glowing eyes at night for corruptrons. smile: 9
    Thank u for reading this, i hope u liked my ideas,
    see u on friday,
    polish sausage
  • @polishsowa You should make your own thread next time, but here's my thoughts.
    1. I believe this was taken out for balance reasons, and the addition of capturable crystals.
    2. You should try building one, then making a save around it and uploading it to the workshop.
    3. That's not a bad idea, but I'm not sure if the game engine allows for it easily, since the beard would need to carry over through all types of kits as well, and all animations. It may be unfeasible for the time being.
    4. That's less of an easter egg and more of a feature, which I don't think would be fair in PvP conquest games.
    5. I don't think that is very necessary.
    6. I also don't think this is very necessary, the Warlock already looks insanely strong, plus all of the corruptrons that will spawn with him.
    7. This is something I pointed out somewhere as well, I agree that dead Bricktrons should be on some sort of timer, rather than requiring wisps. Requiring wisps makes it so that it is nearly impossible to come back from a major loss.
    8. I don't think this is needed, if you are finding that you are taking crystals back too easily, you should try modifying the difficulty in the Castle Story > Info > Lua > Gamemodes > Conquest > Presets folder.
    9. There already is glowing eyes for Corruptrons at both day and night.
    10. It's a known bug that somewhere along the line, the Bricktrons lost their smiles. Probably the lack of positive reviews on Steam. Be sure to bring back their smiles by recommending the game on Steam!
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