Bricks in World Editor

So I was wondering, how do you put blocks and in world editor? Like how this person was able to make a castle. If anyone that can help, it is much appreciated.


  • You just need to make some changes into the files. When you're done with the world editor, you need to switch your save into another folder. Then, you can play with your map on single player in Sandbox mode and build things on it. After this, you need to switch it back to the older folder (the world editor one) to be able to push it on Steam.
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    Like -Andre said (thanks!), this isn't "officially" supported yet. However, after creating your map, you can load it in Sandbox, build what you'd like to, then save it.

    Once you've done that, open the folder containing your save, then copy "PlacedBlocks.json" and "gameobjects.json" from the save folder, and go to /UGC/Maps/YourMapFolder and paste them there.

    Voila, your map now has the blocks and structures you built in the save. :)

    Hope that helps.
  • Ou, this is awesome.
  • It could be awesome to be able to have your dev instant build cheats and all this stuff but inside the mapmaking mode.
  • I decided to make a video tutorial on how to put built items into the Editor

    Hope it helps anyone else who ran into the issue.
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