I love your constructions!

Hey guys,

Some of you might know me, I'm Cretoneko, the Level Designer at Sauropod.

Basically, one of my main focuses at Sauropod Studio is to design nice balanced maps and experiment with interesting constructions for trailers, gameplay tests, etc...

If you have ideas you want to share, I would be glad to check out your constructions in detail, I'd also love to hear about which new blocks you'd like to have in the game.

Feel free to add me:
I'm cretoneko on Steam and I'm always on the castle story discord (https://discord.gg/HHRQhUW)

See ya!


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Cretonewho?! :p
  • Cretoneko, Shatojon. You might have seen her around the studio doing actual work, unlike certain members of the staff that only streams on Twitch and sits on Facebook all day... :p /joking

    As for block ideas, here's a few:

    Dual arch: An arch that arches two ways from the center, enabling archways with only a single column for support. This would also be able to be placed in a corner, with arches "north and east", if that makes sense. This block could for example cost two bricks to build.

    Drawbridges: Enabling moats/ditches up to two tiles wide. Construction cost would be along the lines of three planks and five iron, and have the same HP as a door (or a little higher).

    Reinforced door: Stronger door. Double the HP, double the cost (double the width?)
  • Hi Cretoneko, Shatojon,

    I follow stenpett with the arches. They should have two (90° or 180°) arms. Obviously we need them also with three and all four arms. That would allow a lot of great options :).

    Longer stone beams. The standard brick allows windows just two blocks wide. Windows four blocks wide would look great ;)

    It would be great if there are more bricks which support the construction of round objects, like towers aso. I can imagine a round brick with the double size (or two parts making the mentioned on)

    Roofs are always a problem. So if there are still some wishes free.... a roof brick i.e. four squares long but only on in hight and another one just one wide but two high. With a roof like finish on top.

    Windows are an other idea. On the other hand - this is not Minecraft.

    A wider door was already mentioned, it can also be a block or two higher.

    Enough wishes for one evening. If you need a sketch to understand my ideas please let me know.
  • Ok, another evening and more wishes ;)

    A task to re-grow trees, or better to plant them. Or a new job "Forester".

    And a chance to restore destroyed grass. Sometimes you miss place a brick, you hammer it away but the brown dirt looks not nice in the middle of your finest english lawn.
  • Hope this thread is still being read :#

    Triangles, same as the rounded blocks only flat. Would also like the possibility to have the roundside facing up on the rounded blocks.

    Also gotta second the suggestions already made!

    Thanks for involving the community so much!
  • And wooden stairs would look great on buildings
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