Island Castle

While I waited for the cable that would enable me to rescue my current sandbox savegame from a failing HDD, I started a new build. This morning, I decided to finish it, and here's the result.

View from land:

View from the other side:

Airship dock:

Approaching main gate:

Approaching secondary gate (with three towers):

Closeup of the main tower:

Main storehouse:

One of four floors in the main storehouse, two of which contain only barrels:

Drone shot:


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    You guys are way too good. What's your favorite way to make bridges? Cross with stairs first?
  • Great job!
  • Nice! Good to see that I'm not the only builder here!

    I like to see more :)
  • The stone stairs were the first to be built for this castle, but my favourite bridges are wooden ones. Especially if they make you go "how the hell did he get that there..."

    Usually I get across using a stone stair, and have a bricktron jump off the top. Then have him build his part of the bridge.
  • Oh, and this entire castle was built by just 12 bricktrons, to keep the framerate within playable numbers. It was usually between 11 and 13 fps when I was creating blueprints, and 20-25 when I didn't have any tasks selected.
  • Here's the savegame, if Shatojon wants to use it for screenshots or something like that...
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