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Okay, I am a beginner too. :| This is for people that can help other people in building! Post 3 photos of something you built and tell them step by step how you build it. You can also send a video of doing it. Have fun!


  • Great initiative!

  • Hey Everybody,

    here is the plan how to build a little markethouse (is it called like this in english?),
    I took the idea from the castle story homepage (you have to look under "the game", the picture at the left).

    You take four collums (build them like a rectangle), infront of them you build two wodden collums and a counter (you can also build a second at the side like me). (Screenshot(139).png)
    On the collums behind you build normal stones (you should build stairs so your bricktrons can get there, but you can remove them if you have finished)(Screenshot(141).png).
    On the (stone)collums in the front I builded arcs (use the stairs also).
    On this flat roof you build some stairs (so it isn't flat anymore)(use the stairs also here)(Screenshot(147).png).
    If you have finished you remove all the stairs that don't belong to your building and you can ad some light, barrels and stockpiles, maybe also a trap on the counter as a cash box or something like that. Then you put a Bricktron behind the counter and everything is fine ;) .

    Let me know if you understand everithing or if I should give you more informations.
    Youre Bricktron
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    That is really awesome, Bricktron! :D

    Feel free to open a new thread of your own for your constructions. :D
  • Thank you :)
  • NekobiNekobi Member
    Wow, this looks really good! :D

    I always think that the smallest buildings force people to do prettier things x)
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