My Full Lore for Castle Story (Obviously unofficial)

So, this is just a little bit of lore I made up for the game for fun, since the game has absolutely none. (Beyond corruptrons are bad, and Bricktrons are good.) I thought I'd post it here for you nice people to read it. And if the devs want to do anything with it, whatever. It's yours.

(Note, some of the art is rather Impromptu, and on a new tablet I'm still getting used to. So, it's not my best work.)

Some symbols:

Our story begins on the planet of “Fluctula”, a strange and mystical place where only little ground rests on the surface, most of the land is floating islands, far above even the clouds. For 98% of the planet, the only visible view of the bottom is ocean. But these vast islands harbor trees, grass, and, most importantly, rocks. Some rocks of which have special properties. Some have properties identical to that of iron (and are indeed iron, go figure.) others give off a bright glow and produce heat, such as the orange crystal. But one rock is far more important than the others, and that being the blue crystal.
The blue crystal is very different to that of any substance we could name here on earth, its properties being an absolute marvel, that we could only explain away with magic without any close observation. And let’s face it, we will never get a close observation. What can be said about it, is that it seems to be what allows the islands to float so high above sea level. It also appears to be amazing at accelerating the creation of life on the planet. This created 2 races, the Prakans and the Alzones.
Prakans are what we know today as “bricktrons”, though this term did not become commonplace until much later. (Prakans are the technical name for the race.) Alzones look similar to Prakans, but are white as snow, are furrier, and have slightly shorter legs. For centuries, they lived together peacefully. The kingdom was ultimately ruled by Prakans, though Alzones were not discriminated against. Besides, the “kingdom” held hardly any power anyway. As both races were very good at self-governing. Those in power did nothing more than give advice when it was needed.

The Prakans also, for a time, actually worshipped the crystals. Both races knew it was the source of life, the difference being Alzones did not believe the crystals were sentient. Despite this, again, no conflicts aroused between the two races.
However, on the date that the Prakans/Bricktrons call “The Primary Date” there was what can only be described as a supernatural disaster. A dimensional rift opened up, sending out a corrupted wave of energy, eventually forming “souls” that could infect certain things to corrupt them. Because the Alzones did not spend as much time exposed to crystals, they were not immune to the corrupted souls and were quickly transformed into corruptrons. (Note: They were originally just called “Corrupts”)
The Prakans made an attempt at a civil method of handling the situation. They asked Alzones to stay in their homes until the all clear is given. The kingdom’s team of guards rose from 5 to 200 in 3 days, as they started being stationed at streets to watch for corruptrons, and defend Alzone’s homes. It unfortunately was not enough, because an Alzone could go to bed fine one night, and be a mindless corruptron by morning. It didn’t take long before the entire race had either been transformed into corruptrons or had gone into hiding never to be seen again. Thus sparking the first corruptron war.

The first war was not an easy one to fight. With corruptrons breaking through from the center of their cities, and Prakan’s form of combat were fairly primitive. Guards only wielded either torches, or basic and dull cutlasses made out of stone. On top of that, corrupted souls seemed to have started forming corruptrons out of certain splotches of ground, now that they had acquired a template. It was also during the first corruptron war that the term “Bricktron” started being used. It was actually originally a derogatory term used to describe laborer bricktrons, named after their common job of construction. The term eventually, however, became embraced, and even became of more widespread use than the actual name of the race itself.
Sadly, the bricktrons did not win the first corruptron war. They had no adequate weaponry, no shields or helmets, no bows or arrows, and most importantly, no catapults. They were all forced to flee underground as the world literally crumbled apart, as the corruption was beginning to split the islands apart further and further.
For many years, bricktrons hid inside of the mines, and progressed their
building practices. Creating better swords, armor, and even began experimenting with wood after smuggling logs underground. This led to the invention of the “companion catapult”, or the first standard model of catapult created. After all of this progress, the bricktrons finally held a charge out of the mines and began reclaiming the crystals. This event was known to the Prakans/Bricktrons as “The Secondary Date” and sparked the second corruptron war. (Fun fact: All bricktron warrior helmets had the Prakan race symbol etched on the side. Though this practice quickly ended to save time.)
Almost immediately after the first crystals were regained, the old catapults were replaced with the newer, sturdier “Heavy Ground Catapult” Which since became the standard catapult used throughout the second corruptron war. This is the point in time at which the “conquest” gamemode of Castle Story takes place. It was also during this time that Bricktrons became less religiously attached to the crystals, as they began to share the same opinion as the Alzones before them, thinking the crystal was important, but not sentient. They did choose to stay near them for protective reasons, however.
After a lot of time and effort, almost all of the crystals were regained, though the corruptrons refused to give up without a fight. They continued to rush towards the crystals in waves, as the bricktrons tried desperately to defend them. This is, obviously, the time at which the “invasion” gamemode takes place.
Eventually, the corruptrons were pushed back enough that they stopped attacking altogether, thus ending the second corruptron war. Bricktron armies were mostly disbanded, and the workers began attempting to rebuild the kingdom. Though some still fear the corruptrons may return some day, most try to resume regular lives. The few that do fear a return start building rag-tag teams of bricktron warriors, archers, and workers to hunt down the dimensional rip. (This isn’t a gamemode that actually exists, but it would be cool.) We may never figure out the outcome of what happens post-war. But, we do know, that what happened during the second corruptron war, well, that’s your story.


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    A good read, I like what you've done!
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    Love it, HQ. Thanks for sharing. :D
  • Holy S*** that was awesome. I also did a Story how corruptrons were made. Maybe this could work together with you're story. I would like to do some more stories based on this. Even when Sauropod dont like the story. We could force them to :D if we post more and more! Are you with me? Or better: could I be with you?
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