Little story

Once the lands of the Bricktron Kingdom were safe, merchants walking thru the streets Warriors Guarding and citizen doing their thing.

A well known Bricktron named Ba-Bing-Baa was a great adventurer. He was known because of his tresure hunting.

On his Way to the temple of Corruptness he met an old man. the old man said to him he shouldnt go further. He ignored it and walked right into the temple to find the great Golden Crystal that was stolen from the evil long time ago.

Ba-Bing-Baa actually found it and brought it to the great city He gave it to the King of these Lands who was thankfull and he gave Ba-Bing-Baa a lot of Gold.

The King was proud thet he lived in this time. The time the Bricktrons got back their long lost Crystal.

A few month later the earth began to shake in Panic the Bricktron ran around and had no Idea what happened. The sky dyed to a dark purple. The Castle began to bury its inhabitant to that point where nothing was left than destroyed Rocks.

out of the Ash there came creatures of lost souls captured inside a stony hull hungry of Crystals.

So this is my little story how Corrptrons were created :D
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  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    That was a really fun read, Creaperbox, haha.

    Thank you for sharing!
  • wait wait wait, if there was a peace why there were warriors?
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