Ask The Devs! (Entry limit: April 26th 13:00)

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The answers:

Already know how this works? Just post a question right in this thread!

Hey everyone!

We're slowly adjusting the terminology in our community events - Ask The Devs just sounds snazzier, so we went with it.

Every two weeks, we’ll invite you to submit us questions about Castle Story's development. It can be anything from game design, animation, sound design to programming, pathfinding, AI or anything related to game production!

In two Wednesdays (April 26th at 13:30), we'll pick a reasonable amount of questions and go poking around the studio to get answers from our busy devs! :D


Just post your questions as a reply in this thread!
On April 27th, we'll post the answers on!

We can't wait to see what questions you have in store for us!

- Team Sauropod


  • The questions in the other discussion will be considered?
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    HateMe said:

    The questions in the other discussion will be considered?

    Oh snap! There was a small mix up, we didn't spot those. That's totally my bad. :flushed:

    I'll definitely catch up on the other ones too, along with any new ones posted here, promise. :grin:

    Thank you for pointing that out, you get a :cookie:!
  • Hi
    Can the brickton that is assigned to the repair task have a ladder , or climbing shoes ?
    I play invasion mode and love to build towers, but my repair brickton always needs my help to reach and repair higher bricks and wood. Every second counts in invasion mode, this would be very helpful
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Jets!

    That's an awesome suggestion. In the future though, I suggest posting those on the suggestions board right here;

    That way it'll be categorized appropriately and more likely to be spotted by someone in charge of that stuff!
  • Kryptek72Kryptek72 Member
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    Would it be possible to have a game mode where the roles were switched from being the bricktons to being the corruptrons. Like in single player an AI would have a pre-made base with ampule defenses while you would have a Black Crystal with enough energy to create small waves of corruptrons to attack the AI. The way to win would be to destroy the AI within a certain time limit while the way to lose is to have the AI survive passed the time limit. In multiplayer, as a game mode, you could have one player,or team of players, face off against another player, or team of players, as corruptrons vs. bricktons using a time limit to decide when the corruptron team can be released upon the brickton team. The way the corruptron team would win is to defeat the brickton team and the brickton team would win by destroying the corruptron teams Black Crystal.
  • Hello, I would like to know when you will be able to play survival mode online :#
  • edited April 2016
    When the game will be a variety of localization,for example Russian?
    Will be in the game weather conditions and animals?
    P.s.Sorry, the translation through an interpreter :)
  • Will there be a way to give your knights a formation so they stay in the same group/order while attacking?
    It would just give added strategy.
  • Will there be more uses for iron in the future aside from lanterns and bear traps? In survival mode I often have no use for my iron stockpiles other than to make lots of bear traps.
  • emreakyelemreakyel Member
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    >Are you considering to add more emplacements like catapult ? (A ballista that fires direct and fast on target would be nice, would work nice on those giant corruptrons)

    >Are you considering to add drawbridges and trapdoors ?
  • Do you plan to add new types of ores? Gold for example.Players Will be able to create Gold armor,tools and weapons to our bricktrons
  • could we be the corruptrons and attack our own creatings? would be fun like Krypetk72
  • Will there be a mode wich is just like sandbox but with corruptrons?
  • ennaoJGSennaoJGS Member
    edited April 2016
    When will we be able to play multiplayer survival? :'(
  • When you add achievements and cards in the game?
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