Some problems with saved draft post (Solved)

YootahYootah Member
edited February 2016 in Suggestions
Guys, can you please add a button for deleting drafts? Or that saving an empty draft would delete it.
I accidentally typed something into some thread's comment box and now it's stuck there 4everz.

Sorry for whining! But my OCD goes bananas at the little misleading number "1" next to My Drafts :p


  • YootahYootah Member
    edited February 2016
    Oh, never mind... found the little "X" in the corner

    ...can this thread be deleted?
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    We'll leave it here, for other people to see the solution :)

  • You may want to rename the thread title to match the content, so newcomers will be sure to know about the solution.
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