Hidden 'Boss'

What about a 'Boss' or maybe just a strong enemy hidden a mountain. It could be a corruptron Dragon or a large corruptron Golem. I think he could be randomly generated in a Mountain so you have to be worried not to free him :P


  • SimsdocSimsdoc Member
    Having a creature trapped within a mountain is kinda silly, it uses up memory.

    It would be better to instead recycle the statues from the original trailer, then give this statue the ability to destroy itself and spawn this boss if an event is triggered such as mining near it.

    That's kinda memory free because you've gotta trigger and send the event rather than having a creature standing around doing nothing.
  • yea but it would be cool right? @Simsdoc
  • McDynoMcDyno Member
    How about every 20 waves it spawns one of three bosses

    Minotron: Rams through walls
    Drakotron: Flies and breathes fire
    Nefarotron: An evil sorcerrer corruptron that summons in corruptrons constantly through a portal and cannot be stopped unless killed

    and at the 100th wave for the final boss

    TITANOTRON: The head that lies in the field summoning corruptron comes to life and its entire body is revealed. It is super slow but extremely destructive.
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