Machine, art thou not worthy?

A'ight, I'm ready for some painful truth!

I happen to be on a HP lappy which has a Core i5-5200U (HD Graphics 5500 integrated), 8 GB of RAM and runs Win 8.1. It's new... in a sense.

But the damn thing refuses to load anything beyond Troubled Heaps (as in bigger maps). The client stops responding somewhere at the start of the loading process.

Yes, I am on the lowest possible settings. The small map runs smoothly even on all maxed out, though. Never had the terrain acceleration on, ever. Always windowed, too.

Is it that laptops are simply not suit for reigning over yellow fellas, building castles and smashing rocks*? :/

* - pun intended


  • Hi Yootah,

    Since you're on laptop you have a integrated graphics card. Castle Story has an hard time dealing with those. That could be it. Big maps can be demanding on some machines.

    Try something for me: Under the graphics submenu, put the "Terrain acceleration" at "Never" and try to load a map. It's a long shot, but it could possibly help.

  • If I may offer my two cents...

    Yootah, next to Ben's suggestions you may want to try running the game WITHOUT steam. That's what I'm doing all the time and I'm on a notebook as well.
  • Ummm now I'm intrigued....
  • Ummm now I'm intrigued....

    So I am. :cold_sweat:

  • I've had the Terrain Acceleration set to Never from the very start, and nothing.

    But... but... hoooly macaroni, running from .exe got this thing working! :o
    After ~7 minutes of waiting it even squeezed out the Big Island... Whoa.
    Thank you wise Sir!

    How does this even happen?

  • I don't know. Steam's fault, I guess. Since 0.5 I have to start the game that way, otherwise nothing is happening on the loading screen. Glad to hear that it is working for you!
  • ForgetaboutmeForgetaboutme Member
    edited February 2016
    Additional, I recommend to add another 8 gig of ram, in the case it's possible. After a while on big island the game itself needs that much of memory.
  • Aye, already considering an upgrade to a whole decent desktop PC.
    That lappy is college's property anyway.

    "Castle Story, encouraging people to buy better computers. "
  • Woah! That's strange. I will report this to the team. Thanks Forgetaboutme.

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