Stockpiles accepting multiple specific resources

ThaPearThaPear Member
edited August 2017 in Suggestions
Currently when I have stockpiles where I want bricks, I set them to stone only so that my miners create bricks on them.
When I have bricks waiting to be cleaned up, they cannot be placed due to the stone-only filter.
If I add stockpiles which accept bricks only, my Bricktrons try to empty the stockpiles with stone first, leaving me with full brick stockpiles leading to there being no place to put cleaned up bricks.

I would like to suggest being able to set multiple acceptable resources on a stockpile. I recall this being possible in an earlier version, and it worked great back then.
This would solve my issue by being able to set stone and bricks as acceptable resources on the stockpile.

Thank you for the great game!


  • It works for me setting up no filters and build enough stockpiles. You just need to build enough and prioritize the cleaning over the mining task
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